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Mark Randisi & the John Hill Band

Mark Randisi-vocals, Pat Cronley-piano, Kurt Krahnke-bass Fred Knapp-drums

About Mark…

When Andrea Bocelli first heard Mark Randisi sing, he believed he was listening to a Frank Sinatra recording. That's a common response, but Mark is modest: "I'm flattered when people say I sound like Sinatra. I developed a love for the music and I respect those who created it. However, I am being myself ..." 

Close your eyes or turn your head. You'll swear the voice you hear is the original Chairman of the Board, it's really the voice of Mark Randisi, keeping the classic sound and style of Sinatra alive. 

What Mark does is an incredible tribute, not a mere imitation. His devotion to the music is apparent, and you'll be swept up in the emotion he brings to each of his quality performances. 

Raised in an Italian family in Detroit, Mark was surrounded by a passion for music. His father was a trumpet player and his grandfather an opera singer. After working in a family-owned painting business- As Casy Kasem would say, Mark "put down his paint brush and picked up a microphone." 

According to Mark, it was Joe Vicari, CEO and owner of the Andiamo's restaurant dynasty who really gave Mark his first shot at entertaining in the public. A loyal friend, Mark has never forgotten those who have helped him along the way. He can still be seen as a featured performer (along with other headliners such as, Regis Philbin, Tom Jones, Howie Mandel, Natalie Cole, Paul Anka, Gladys Knight, Lou Rawls and more) at Andiamo's Celebrity Showroom in Warren Michigan. 

Mark has appeared on stage with diverse performers and celebrities such as Ray Charles, James Darrin, Don Rickles, Joan Rivers, Debbie Reynolds, Fabian, Connie Stevens, Rich Little and more. He gets lavish praise from other performers and observers; some kudos are especially interesting - for example, Paul Rosenberg, producer/manager for rap star Eminem, wanted Sinatra music at his wedding. Mark was the only "Live" entertainer considered for this star-studded event. He was hired and was an instant hit! 

It's not only celebrities who appreciate Mark's classic style, well known people in the media sing his praises as well. Author, radio and television host Mitch Album has been to Mark's shows, and insisted Mark be a first guest on his television show. He proclaims, "Mark's show is a must-attend!" 

Whether accompanied by big band music or a full string orchestra, a Mark Randisi concert is pure magic. His smooth vocal stylings and engaging stage presence has taken him across the U.S. and Europe, performing with world-class musicians and singing with accompaniment by a single piano up to a 63-piece orchestra. 

Mark's entertaining personality, sense of humor and rich voice make him an ideal choice for events of all kinds. People who attend a Mark Randisi concert go away smiling, knowing "The best is yet to come."

Lily Pearl’s Lounge is the coolest blues &  jazz hot spot in Michigan, Lily Pearls, has world class jazz music every weekend, A great time awaits you with the from scratch creole kitchen and hand crafted cocktails, and arguably the largest selections of spirits, wine and craft beers in the state.

Reservations are highly recommended for this intimate venue.