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Carey Kocher

Carey Kocher-vibes, Paul Keller-bass, John Hill-drums, Adam Mosley-piano

More about Carey:

Cary Kocher trained at the University of Michigan under Michael Udow, the late Charles Owen, and Salvatore Rabbio. He has a very diverse performing schedule that includes work with the Ann Arbor Symphony and other area orchestras. He has a weekly gig on vibes with Latin jazz group Los Gatos and plays drums with the Easy Street Jazz Band. He co-leads a classic vibraphone quartet with bassist Paul Keller, provides vibes for Dave Bennett’s tribute to Benny Goodman, and plays drums and sings with Espresso.

Kocher also enjoys working with developing musicians. As a middle school music teacher in Ann Arbor, he also adjudicates at jazz festivals and clinics, directed the Gold Jazz Ensemble at Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp for several years, and teaches jazz vibes and drums at the University of Michigan.

The coolest  jazz hot spot in Michigan, Lily Pearls, has world class jazz music every weekend, A great time awaits you with the from scratch creole kitchen and hand crafted cocktails, and arguably the largest selections of spirits, wine and craft beers in the state.

Reservations are highly recommended for this intimate venue.